Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Wedding Anniversary and other hazards

Yesterday we contacted the breakdown people and they took the car to the garage for us to be repaired, I went off for a session with the dental hygienist. Later I collected the car and so far it seems fine.

Today is our wedding anniversary, and we did not remember this until the evening. Mas went down to Victoria to meet a friend, and did my usual things. I went into the garden to do a bit of tidying up and found Salty guiltily looking at the collapsed washing line and all the laundry on the grass.

Later I went round to Myk and Marias' and walked with him to a local council meeting, me in my capacity as a seat filler, but Myk had various important matters to discuss; Jim was there too. I was quite surprised at how forthright everyone was, and there were one or two moments of pure comedy. Before long Mas arrived, and when a natural break occurred we left the proceedings leaving Myk to deal with the problem of the brown summer rats on everyone's behalf. We walked to Amarreta's and had a pizza and a glass of wine before repairing home.

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