Tuesday 28 April 2009

Shoplifting shindigs

Today Maheena called round just after 9.00am so that we could work out a strategy for our planned Saturday get together with friends. We also had quite a few things to laugh about at the same time, so it was fun.

I kept phoning the hospital without being able to speak to anyone! I then took my medication and rested for an hour, reading, and eventually we went off to get shopping in the afternoon. While we were in the store, which was almost deserted, a shoplifter was spotted who ran off, but he was caught by the staff and pinned down until the police arrived. Real life drama!

Pete phoned in the evening, and I mentioned my good idea of making plectrums for the guitar out of credit cards, but he said people often did this! Later we watched the X-files, carefully not drinking wine, then a Poirot.

Monday 27 April 2009

Frustrations, healing and relaxations

We had another frustrating day. I recieved a letter from the hospital to phone and make an appointment. Using the number I had been sent after repeated calls all I could get is "There is no one here to take your call, please leave a message," but nobody called back. Mas was having similar problems too.

At 2.00pm we had another vet appointment, so took Salty off in the car in a borrowed cat cage.
The bandage was cut off Salty's leg, which was healing well. His temperature was taken, and he was generally checked all over while Salty practiced his new skill of growling. I bought him a special flea comb which takes out all the loose fur in a bid to stop him getting fur balls in his stomach later. He also got some penicillin pills. Mas bought a cage for him too. These furry friends are so expensive!

Salty enjoyed his antibiotic pill, and settled down happily. In the evening we thought we would relax, have a glass of red wine and watch the X-Files and unwind. We were peacefully doing this when Scully unexpectedly got shot which startled Mas; he jumped throwing the contents of his wine glass over his shoulder in a wide arc onto the carpet. (Mas is famous for excessive startle factor) After the surprise of that, we had a really good laugh, which is probably more relaxing than the wine would have been.

Sunday 26 April 2009

Shattered people and repaired cat

Sunday was a bit of a write off as I was so tired, and Mas and I both felt a bit traumatised whenever we thought about the size of the bill we have paid for Salty's treatment; we decided we should take out pet insurance for him.

Salty adjusted to his bandaged leg; he had been holding it in the air whenever he lay down before.

We let him out into the garden again and he seemed to have no trouble climbing trees.

Toby phoned in the evening and we chatted which was cheery. Later Mas and I watched a new 'Heartbeat' before staggering off to bed.

Saturday 25 April 2009

Diane's celebration and Salty stress

Today it was arranged that we were to go to the Garden Cafe in Regent's Park where Diane was to celebrate 'new beginnings' with friends and family.
When Mas and I got up, Salty came in, and we noticed that he had cut his paw rather badly, and it looked as if it should be stitched. We got ready, and we planned that I should go ahead and explain what had happened to Diane, and Mas should take Salty to the vet. We tried various neighbours to see if we could borrow a pet cage to put him in while Mas drove to the vet, but no one was in. Ma took Salty into the car and drove to the vet in Borehamwood, Salty in the meantime was making a terrible noise and moving all over the car until he settled on Mason's shoulders.

I got to Regent's Park easily and met Wendy and Stuart on the way. Diane's party went really well and before long Mas arrived. It was nice seeing Diane's family again, and Pete and Lorraine were there as well. Mas had left Salty at the vets, and we could collect him at 6.30pm as someone would come and open the vets office for this purpose.

The cafe is an attractive building in the park, and spring flowers were out too.

After we said our farewells Mas and I went back to Stanmore on the tube, got into the car and went off to the vets. We collected Salty who looked fairly groggy, from the anaesthetic, paid a huge 'out of hours' vet's bill and went home.

We kept Salty indoors all night which meant that I did not sleep at all, as he was roaming all over the house meowing, standing on me or pouncing on me while purring loudly. At one point he yowled horribly till I got up, and then he took me to the various possible places where he could leave the house from, but I did not let him out.

Thursday 23 April 2009

Guitar with moussaka

Today we had planned to go swimming, but looking at my legs, which are long past their "best by date," and now covered in a strange galaxy of large red suns; more than a dozen huge insect bites. I thought I had better delay swimming, otherwise people might get killed in the rush to get out of the pool when they saw me getting in.

Mas and I decided we needed a few things from the shops so went to Stanmore.
I went to the Oxfam shop to see if they had a straw hat I could use when gardening, and came out having bought myself a guitar, as you do. Of course now I will have to learn to play it!

When we went home we did some more gardening, me liberally smeared with an insect repellent that added a certain je ne sais quois to the aroma of the house and myself. Gradually various neighbours came to talk to Mas and I, and we caught up with the neighbourhood news.

In a bid to make different and healthy meals, I decided to make a vegetarian moussaka, using some ingredients that I knew Mas was not too keen on, like plain yogurt. I followed the recipe, a low fat one, exactly,and cooked it. The odd thing was that he enjoyed it, but I cannot remember when I have last eaten something quite so horrible!

Wednesday 22 April 2009

Thai lunch in St. Albans followed by DDT

St.Peter's church, St. Albans.
We went off as usual on a very warm day to meet Tania and Robert for lunch at St. Albans, and went to the Bua Thai as we had not been there for a while. The friendly owner was very pleased to see us, and as well as lunch she insisted that Tania and I have a perfectly ripe mango each to take home, and in answer to our questions showed us how to tell when a mango is at it's best.

Afterwards, feeling very full we got our shopping and went home; it is nice to see how the countryside is greening up again. I drove home which I was pleased about. When I became ill I stopped driving as I felt my reactions were too slow, and a lot of the time I was feeling confused due to the medication I was taking.

Once home I realised just how itchy the insect bites were. I tried putting bicarbonate of soda on them, but as this did not help I put DDT on them. When I washed my hands afterwards I noticed the smell of the DDT remained on them. Soon the whole house smelt of it, and Mas and Salty too, but I was not itching anymore!

Tuesday 21 April 2009

Music to repair a yukky evening

On Monday I did some gardening in the morning, while Mas had another go at his computer. I spent hours looking for my diary which has all the important dates and appointments in it, and was beginning to feel enraged when I found it. I went for a long walk, to steady my nerves and cool my temper, afterwards!

Later we watched the X Files while eating which proved to be a mistake as it was a gruesome one about Cannibalism, and later a Ghost Whisperer which was also yukky. After this I went off to clean the kitchen and listen to some cheerful music by the Nigel Kennedy Quintet.

On Tuesday I went for a quick walk and then sat on the lawn and continued digging up weeds.
The government is giving sizable grants to help with research into the problems with pollination and the colony collapse disorder that is affecting the bees, apparently one mouthful in three needs a pollinator to get it to grow.

In the evening I noticed that I was covered in insect bites.

Sunday 19 April 2009

Football fans alter plans

Sunday morning, and Mas thought it would be nice to have a pub Sunday roast dinner, so we called Robert and Tania to see if they wanted to join us for lunch, and they came over. We went to the Man in the Moon at Stanmore, and, as we parked noticed groups of people sitting about drinking. We walked towards the pub and saw there was a huge group of football fans in front, and the pub was stuffed with people too.

There was quite a big police presence, and Mas talked to a couple to find out who was playing. ( Manchester United and Everton)
The police were cheerful, but explained to Mas reasonably that the English enjoy a good scrap which is all part of the fun for the fans.

It was obvious that we would have to go somewhere else for lunch, so we went to a Harvester Pub near Bushey Heath.

We had a nice lunch and relax, and then we went home and Tania and Robert spent a few minutes looking at how the garden is coming along before going home.

Saturday 18 April 2009

Fleas and worse.

We went off to Borehamwood to research and buy some flea treatment for Salty; he hasn't got them yet, but unless we take precautions it is inevitable. Later I walked to Edgware and bought myself some new trousers. The weather is grey and it has been raining on and off all day, so Salty has been sleeping indoors instead of on the shed roof.

He does have other places to sleep, but likes sprawling on top of his bed, until he falls off it.

In the evening we were watching TV, with the curtains drawn between the sitting room and conservatory, and Salty burst through with an alarming meow as he usually does, but his head was covered in a big smear of blood. When I cleaned it, I found it was not blood, but some kind of water based paint, thank goodness, and he was not hurt.

Today the weather was better, and after Mas and I carried out our strategy of putting the flea drops on the cat while he was asleep. I went into the garden to do more weed clearing and putting grass seed down. Mas spent all day struggling with the computer and AOL. I had to work in the garden to remove myself from the problems, if left to me I would throw the computer away after violently destroying it first.

Thursday 16 April 2009

Simón Bolivar, weeding and renovating

I was pleased to hear on the radio during the night that Simón Bolivar's el systema is now being adopted world wide, so many of the underprivileged children will be able to learn classical music now.

I painted some small fruit crates which I plan to use in my studio as part of my forthcoming tidy up campaign, and also to use up an old tin of paint, and afterwards I repainted one of the kitchen chairs in the same colour as our blue Clematis. I then took on the task of trying to get all the celandine out of the front and back lawns as it has become rampant.
Today Mason had to go to the Brompton hospital, he had get his breathing machine, for his sleep apnoea, checked as it stopped working during the night recently. He came back with a new one, but will have to wait for a new mask to be sent.
I spent more time gardening, interspersed with time on the exercycle which I find really boring. The family who have been living across the street came over to say that they will be moving , and to get some information.
In the evening we watched The X Files and The Bill, and Mas set up his new machine.

Tuesday 14 April 2009

The Man in the Moon before more garden work

Easter Monday, and we got some shopping and had lunch at The Man in The Moon. The rest of the day we cut grass, washed the garden furniture and Mas lifted and re cemented some of the paving stones. In between we played with Salty in the garden when he was not trying to catch flies.

More plants are beginning to flower now, and it is a pleasure to be in the garden again.

On Tuesday I walked to Stanmore for advice from the vet on how to get the tar off Salty, but in the end another pet owner had the most practical advice; just to let it grow out. We watched Diagnosis Murder, and I read for an hour after taking the mistletoe medication. I talked to Pete too.

Sunday 12 April 2009

Easter gardening

Easter Sunday, and it is not raining. The cat came home with tar on the tip of one ear which we could not get off with butter. It seems he has also split it, so we do not want to use anything that might sting.

We did gardening all day, and Mas finished repairing the garden swing and put the new awning on. The spring flowers are all coming out now.
In the evening we watched a gloomy Cadfael with Derek Jacobi, and the No.1 Ladies Detective Agency. Toby phoned today and chatted which was nice.

Saturday 11 April 2009

Sepulchre, Earl of Hertford, and Easter Eggs

We woke up this morning with Mas having a massive cramp in his leg, and after I massaged it away we had breakfast. We noticed that the cat had a small scratch on his face this morning, but his leg is better. After breakfast I did some mending and listened to some 'Steptoe and Son', comedy recordings from the late 1960s. They were dated, but still funny but with a lot of pathos.
Mas was having computer problems all day and spending hours on the phone trying to sort it all out. I walked down to the library and managed to get another book out by Kate Mosse called 'Sepulchre' which involves a story switching between centuries and Tarot cards which Betty told me she is reading as well.

There is a house, just off the main road in Edgware that has always fascinated me called Clare House. It is a doctor's surgery and a building contractor's now, but researching it, I think it originally belonged to Roger de Clare, who was the Earl of Hertford, and died in 1173

When I got home Mas told me that Varun and Ashwathi had made these edible nests with eggs, and bought two round for us.

In the evening we watched 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' which we last saw years ago with Chris and Therrie, but at least it is cheerful.

Friday 10 April 2009

Cat anxiety and wet weather

Yesterday Salty was not home when we got up; usually he is waiting on the shed roof or sleeping till we get up. There was no sign of him, and we were beginning to imagine all the things that could have happened. He eventually limped home around 11am. We looked at his back leg carefully; it was properly mobile, and not too painful so we thought he must have strained it. He spent most of the day sleeping as usual, and he was not limping so much when he woke up.

I spoke to Pete today, and finished the book Betty had given me. In the evening we watched the X-Files which seem to be on every day now, and something called The Mentalist which seems rather pathetic even though it is supposed to be a big hit.

Today thank goodness Salty was on the shed roof when we woke up, sitting in the rain. His leg is much better now. We had a peaceful but uneventful day today as typically, brcause it was a holiday, the weather remained dreary all day.

Wednesday 8 April 2009

Gardening and gormandising

Tuesday was another fine day so Mas cut the hedges. After I did the injection and reading my book for an hour, I dug all the dandelions out of the front lawn, and did some weeding. Mas also watered the garden, despite the dissaproval of the cat who then spent the rest of the day sleeping in my attic studio.

Diane phoned and we talked for a while, catching up as we have not seen each other for a while.
We watched one of the X-files, but forgot to see The Beiderbeck Affair (a series written in 1985 by Alan Plater).

Today Robert phoned to say that they could not meet us for lunch as usual because Tania was not feeling well.

I had to go to the dentist early, and my crown was fitted at last, which is always painful in the money area. Afterwards we went to St. Albans and were pleased to see how the countryside is greening up again.

We had an excellent lunch at Sazio's, and some red wine, and were soon feeling really relaxed, despite the restaurant being crowded because of the school holidays. Afterwards we got our fruit and vegetables and went home.

Later we saw another X-file and The Bill while eating grapes, then I did the washing up and played with the cat.

Monday 6 April 2009

Gardening but not with Culpeper

On Sunday morning Glen called round and chatted for a few hours; she recently had a new granddaughter who was born after three false starts, but both mother and baby are doing well.

In the afternoon I planted out some petunias and lobelias into the window boxes and hanging baskets, and moved a fushia plant. It was so nice being able to do some gardening again in warm sunny weather. Mas got some wood from a DIY shop to fix the garden swing, and I washed the whole thing down.

On Monday we had another day of fine weather, so Mas fixed the garden swing and we drank tea in the garden for the first time this year, while being watched approvingly by Salty.

Later I had an expected call from a research hospital, answered various questions, and was told that in about six months I would know if my illness was hereditary or not.
In the evening we watched a programme about Nicholas Culpeper which was more political than herbal which was a shame.

Saturday 4 April 2009

Self medication, masterful Myk and more music

On Saturday I had to give myself one of the mistletoe injections which went well, but when I had done it I stuck the needle into my hand by mistake which bled and was a bit painful. I was supposed to rest for an hour afterwards, so Salty and I read in bed for an hour, but as the story was a bit complicated for him he fell asleep.

Myk Tucker called round for signatures on a petition to stop huge trucks using our road as a shortcut when they have an alternative route. Myk in my opinion deserves a medal as he is constantly trying to protect our neighbourhood and environment and is tireless in his efforts.

Later I walked off to the library; by mistake I had returned the CD case to them, but had not returned the CD, the library people were very kind and, as I think I was looking a bit vague, they did not fine me. I took out two more music CDs and a book about alternative therapies on trial, then walked round the Broadwalk shopping centre before going home. Mas had spent all day trying to get his computer to work properly and fixing our garden swing.