Friday 19 October 2007

Affordable Art Fair

Ater spending time recovering from colds Mas and I were well enough to down to town to visit the Affordable Art Fair. Before we set off I went to the doctors and had the usual flu' jab.

We stopped at our usual haunt, the Oriel, where we had snacks and a glass of white wine in the cosy downstairs bar. We then took the AAF car to the fair where we spent all afternoon looking at the art work.

I began to think that the art did not seem as good as usual until I realised that my arm was hurting a lot and I was not feeling well. Mas on the other hand thought there was some very good art this year.

When we got home I began to feel like I had the flu', and this later developed and I felt ill for about ten days, but I will draw a blanket over this.

Sunday 7 October 2007

Last day in Guernsey

Saints Bay
We walked from Icart to Saint's Bay, eating blackberries along the way while people kept running past us along the cliff paths for a half marathon. We had a slice of g√Ęche at Saints before walking up the hill.

We stopped to look at a large gathering of ducks on a pond, and as we left they all came out of the pond and followed us up the road, almost in single file. We were beginning to feel like Pied Pipers, but as they caught up with us, a man came out of his house with about three loaves of bread which he broke up and gave to them. After a lot of squabbling they ate the bread and walked back down the hill to their pond again.

We went to the airport by taxi, and flew back to Gatwick then Pete and I went our separate ways home. I got home only to find my poor husband ill with a cold.

Friday 5 October 2007

Neolithic remains and friendship

Pete and I took the bus then walked along the coast for hours, and through a nature reserve where we saw some butterflies called Baby Blues locally. We stopped at a kiosk and had tea and chips, and I had cheese with them too.

We reached Lancresse common which has a golf course and some neolithic remains, one called La Varde which is a passage grave, and Les Fouillages which dates back to about 4000BC and is possibly the oldest remaining manmade structure in Europe as indicated by pottery found at the site. There is also a rock called La Roche qui Sonne for no obvious reason as the site has been dismantled and stones removed, but it is said that there was a hollow stone which when struck made a sound that carried for a considerable distance.

Les Fouaillages

La Varde passage grave

In the evening we met Poppy and Ben and went to the Bella Luce Hotel for another tennerfest meal which was very good, and the company even better.

Thursday 4 October 2007

Jerbourg to Fermain and poets

After another large breakfast we walked off towards Moulin Huet and walked up the Water Lanes pausing to make wishes in the well at the top, and then to Jerbourge and to St. Martins point and on to Fermain where we had lunch with ducks begging for scraps. We were amused to see the ducks swimming on the sea pestering people on boats for food.

We walked up from the valley and Pete went off to meet up with a poetry group called Poets in Motion, and I took the bus to St.Peter Port and mooched around town for most of the day.

Pete and I met in the hotel bar for a nightcap and to talk about the interesting evening he had with the poetry group.

Fermain Bay

Wednesday 3 October 2007

Icart to Torteval

Late morning Pete and I walked to Icart, then along the cliffs, up and down steps for hours until we reached Le Gouffre and had a really tasty Greek lunch at The Hollows, Pete enjoying a
retsina as well.


En route

We left the cliffs at Torteval and took the bus which toured most of the island.

Later, in the evening we strolled off to Les Douvres and had a meal there, then had an evening walk to Icart again before going back to the hotel.

Monday 1 October 2007

Back to Guernsey

I flew over to Guernsey for a week, and was kindly met by Ben at the airport, and whisked off to La Barberie Hotel where my son was also staying. Pete and I walked down to Moulin Huet and looked in the Moulin Huet Pottery at some of the pottery and artwork that was for sale.

Later I walked to Saints Bay and strolled on the beach before walking to Icart, while Pete did some writing.
Ben and Poppy met us in the bar as we had planned to have an evening meal together as the hotel was participating in the Tennerfest. This is where the restaurants compete to provide outstanding meals in order to win awards for their cooking. One of the recommended wines was Chat en Oeuf (a cheaper version of Chateau Neuf ). We had a really nice evening chatting and eating.