Thursday 26 February 2009

Anthroposophy near Euston

Today I did my usual chores, and around 3.00pm I set off for Euston, which looked much the same as when I worked there about 15 years ago, and so it seemed strange walking along Euston Road to keep my appointment with the Anthroposophic doctor.

The clinic was very nice, and the doctor's office was calm and peaceful. I related my medical history, no doubt also revealing my personality and opinions. The doctor who was very nice prescribed some homeopathic medicines and also ordered the Iscador (mistletoe) injections. On my next appointment he will show me how to inject them into my abdomen, and said I would need to be brave! I left feeling rather confident.

I think I have overdone the Exercycle a bit as one of my knees is painful, not to walk, but to go downstairs. Pete phoned in the evening.

Wednesday 25 February 2009

Boxing clever treats

Today we went to St. Albans where we met Robert and Tania and also Robert's sister Christine who we have not seen for several years. Christine has been ill like me, so we had lots of notes to swap about that. We were treated to lunch by Robert in what used to be a Tudor tavern, but is now a Thai restaurant.

The restaurant was very nice inside, and the meals that we ordered were placed in front of us in individual boxes, which when opened, were compartmentalized with various dishes including soup served in separate sections. On the whole we preferred the food at our usual Thai restaurant, but it made a nice change!

The time went too quickly, and as the restaurant closed at three we could not linger long, and it was too cold to continue talking outside. We said our goodbyes, and hope it will not be so long before we see Christine again.
Later I spoke to Diane, and Mas and I watched some Wanted Dead or Alive episodes in the evening.

Tuesday 24 February 2009

Margaret's birthday feast

Today we were invited to Margaret and John's for a light lunch; there was nine of us including one of their friends who we has not met before. We had a really nice time as everyone was so jolly, and M and J had made a feast of a thousand tastes, and it was also very healthy too. We remained until it was dark and went home again and received a noisy and warm welcome from Salty.
On Tuesday Mas and I went for a walk in Edgware which included a small park. We watched people walking their dogs while we walked. All were supposed to be on leads, but none were, but they were all peaceful dogs. We went home, but I decided to walk some more at a faster pace. I was sad to see a poor magpie with a broken wing who was foraging in recycling bins. I considered trying to catch it and take it home, but abandoned the idea.

When I got home Salty and I read some P.G.Wodehouse.

Sunday 22 February 2009

Good company and relaxing

On Saturday I did a quick clear up and Mas got some last minute shopping as we were expecting Tania and Robert to come over in the early evening, and I spoke to Florence and Pete.

Mas and I planned to make borscht, trout and trifle for the meal, so we prepared things in advance, which is quite good for us. When they arrived Mas showed Tania the cat door entrance that he had made, and Tania thought it funny. We had a nice meal together, and managed to relax although Tania mentioned that Robert was feeling stressed. As usual Robert made a joke of it! It seemed nice to me that everything is getting back to normal again.

On Sunday we did not do anything too exciting and simply relaxed. My stupid computer was still having problems, so I gave up, and spent a lot of time reading which was not always easy with the cat pouncing on me and trying to bite the book. Mas is still watching and enjoying Battlestar Gallactica.

Friday 20 February 2009

Body maintenance and flowers for the cat

Mas went off to physiotherapy yesterday, and when he came back we went off and had lunch at Stanmore. I spoke to Pete, and Florence called too.

I am unpicking a mohair sweater that I crotcheted and always looked stupid, and Salty has taken bits of wool all over the house, he has also started stashing his favourite toys in secret places; it makes them seem as if they have a life of their own as they travel round the house several times a day.

Today was my turn, and I went off to the dental hygienist. We seem to spend so much time on body maintenance. Margaret invited us for lunch on Monday, and I phoned Manu. My computer is still playing up; eventually it will have to be properly fixed. I find I am listening to the radio a lot, and can't be bothered with TV.

Mas finished the entrance to the cat door!

Wednesday 18 February 2009

Walking to Edgwarbury Park and escape with Stef Penney

Mas did more in the garden this morning, and we walked, at an increased speed to Edgwarbury Park. The park was in good shape, and lots of work has been put into maintenance. We saw a notice asking anyone who was willing, to come and help with planting on a voluntary basis; a good way to make new friends I thought, but not for us at the moment. It was nice to see the spring bulbs beginning to grow and we left feeling cheerful.

I am feeling that I have so many things to do that I don't know where to start. I must tidy my studio which looks so untidy I can't find anything and looks like people have been sleeping rough in there for months; I need to do all kinds of cloths mending before Mas and I run out of things to wear, I should file all the bills and correspondence, answer and write letters etc...etc. Instead I finished my book The Tenderness of Wolves by Stef Penney; her first novel and I enjoyed it.

Tuesday 17 February 2009

Walking and exercising

Mas and I walked to Stanmore for exercise, and we had lunch at The Man in the Moon, and bussed back afterwards. The pub had been completely full which is odd for a Monday, and everyone seemed very cheerful; it seems people are trying to enjoy the present and forget all the recession problems.

Later Mas went off to the dentist to have his crown fitted, and I went for another walk. In the evening I spoke to Toby which was nice.

This morning Mas was doing more gardening and later went down to Edgware Hospital to have physiotherapy, but when he arrived found it had been cancelled, but he had not been told.

I did the usual chores and played with the cat, and did a long session on the exercycle which was monitored by Salty, luckily not sitting on my shoulders, while I listened to a programme about Maurice Ravel's mental health and how it may possibly be seen in his music which was interesting.

In the evening we watched the old film Inn of the Sixth Happiness, which we both enjoyed

Sunday 15 February 2009

Cool cats and vicious ladders

Yesterday we discovered that Salty was no longer wearing his collar, obviously he forgot to collect it after his garden party last night. As he now knows his address and telephone number we decided not to bother to replace it.

Because the coffee pot had a crack in it we made our breakfast coffee in the teapot; it tasted just the same, but seemed strange. Later I went walking and bought a new one, and a blue shirt which I really did not need.
When I returned home I made some tea for Mas and discovered that he had blood running down his nose. He said that the aluminium (Alsatian?) ladder had made a vicious and unprovoked attack on him as he tried to get something from the attic! As Romy remarked, he should stay away from ladders, and that is not the first time that has been said!

Today my computer which has continually has been playing up, had detached itself from AOL, and Mas who has more patience than me spent time getting me reconnected. I did some vacuuming, narrowly missing sucking up the cat several times as he has a fascination with it all. Later I did some more on the exercise bike, and read my library book which I am enjoying.

In the evening we watched Mediterraneo, a film dedicated to all those who are running away. I liked it more than Mas; it was an Academy Award winner in 1992 for the best foreign film. And so to bed.

Friday 13 February 2009

Good health and great sausages

This morning I had to visit my doctor who I had not seen for almost a year. He said he knew I had been to hell and back since he saw me last, but added that I now look very well, and better than he had seen me looking for a long time.

Mas had an appointment an hour later and found his blood pressure was perfect, and recent blood tests had all come out normal, which was excellent.

We then went off to Borehamwood to get some shopping and DIY things. We had lunch at our fish and chip cafe. The waitress after looking at a picture of Salty showed us a short video of her pet which is a ferret. She gave us some left over sausages for Salty, and said her ferret would not eat them. She bathes her ferret every day or two, and blow dries him afterwards; he cost her £35.00. This is not her pet, hers is much whiter.

Wednesday 11 February 2009

Cheerful and peaceful times

February 10th, my mother's birthday. The rain has finally stopped, and Salty is very happy about that. Mas spent more time cutting up trees, and I went for a long walk to keep up the exercise. Later I began reading 'The Tenderness of Wolves' which looks as if it will be a good read. In the evening we watched an episode of New Tricks.

Today we went to St. Albans and met Tania and Robert at Sazios for lunch and had a bottle of wine to celebrate Robert's recent business achievements, and had a nice time talking before we left and picked up some shopping and drove home again.

Once home I spoke to Diane for a while, and then Eileen phoned saying she and Alex would be going to New York next week, and did we want them to bring anything back. Later I thought I should have said "A fist full of dollars". Mas is still treating himself to episodes of Battlestar Gallactica, and I can recommend it for wives who need a bit of peace and quiet.

Tuesday 10 February 2009

Immunity boosters including friends

On Sunday Mas re potted plants in the conservatory, and things looked much neater, and I tidied and vacuumed. We saw Salty encounter another cat today, a large ginger one, and they were skipping around the bushes together companionably. I also began sorting out patterns and knitting wool which made my head feel tidier too.
Chris e-mailed from Switzerland with the advice that I should have a course of Anthroposophic medicine, namely mistletoe (Iscador) treatment to build up my immunity so I looked up the links he had sent me and resolved to follow up by contacting the clinic in London.

Today it was raining, and just before Monika arrived Salty ran in and decorated both the couches with dark brown footprints; I just managed to put on clean throws and they arrived. Olga is staying with Monika, and it was nice to see her again. Salty proved a source of entertainment to the children who gave him small pieces of the cake Monika had made, and chased him around. Luckily he was on his best behaviour, and seemed to recognise that he must be careful of the children. Oktay called in later, but everyone had to leave early as storms and possibly snow had been forecast

Saturday 7 February 2009

Garden centres and knitting meditation

Mas wanted to replant our largest pot in the conservatory (ie to convert it from a cat toilet into a thing of beauty or at least hygiene), so we went to the Wyvale garden centre in Mill Hill to buy some clean top soil and have a look around. They have a lovely display of vases, garden furniture, candles, ceramics and all kinds of interesting things which would make nice presents.

There is also a lot of pet fish for sale, and we looked at the tanks. One looked inviting as it was large with long plants like trees growing in it with a variety of fish swimming in and out. Most were in tanks without any plants or shelter and I felt depressed looking at these poor fish which were really expensive too. I still like the neons best.

We had a coffee in their conservatory cafe and then went home with the soil after looking at various plants. Later I walked down to Edgware library to get a music CD and look at the books.
It is some time since I have been to the library and I found that it has now become computerised and self service which came as a surprise, and the friendly chap who used to work there had gone. I got out a CD of Chopin nocturnes, and a couple of books and went home.

Later I wound some of the lovely wool I was given and began knitting......

Friday 6 February 2009

Broken tooth and hunchback

On Thursday Mas went to the dentist to have a filling; unfortunately the tooth broke so now Mas has to go back for a crown later this month. The weather is cold, but I went for a walk for an hour, and felt more cheerful afterwards. In the evening we watched TV for a while, but could not relax as Salty wanted to play as he is reluctant to go outside when it is cold and wet.

Today we had snow showers all day. I spoke to Diane, and Monika, who will come round next week. Despite feeling like going into hibernation until the end of March I did a long session on the exercise bike, joined half way through by the cat who insisted on sitting on my shoulders. Salty is no light weight now, and if we keep up this routine over the months I should end up looking like Quasimodo.

Wednesday 4 February 2009

Tea party and Ben Allison double bassist

Yesterday when we woke up the snow was still covering the ground, and it was very cold, but the sun was shining which always improves things. Margaret phoned and invited us round to her place in the afternoon. When we went round Maheena arrived soon afterwards, we all talked and had tea, and I tried not to eat all the nuts and tasty snacks that Margaret and John had provided.

As it began to get dark we trudged carefully home, which was just around the corner. In the evening we watched a Horizon programme about cannabis, but did not learn much that was new about it.

Today the sun was shining and we thought we would have breakfast in Stanmore as we had to pay bills and get shopping as the forecast said that more snow may be arriving later. People were very cheerful at the Man in the Moon; they all felt bonded by the snowy weather.

Later I listened again to the Monday programme, Jazz on 3. I had heard part of this on Monday, it was a concert by the young New Yorker Ben Allison and his band Man Sized Safe. Nice interesting music; a mixture of familiar and unfamiliar. The band was named this way as he had heard that Dick Cheney had a man sized safe which he had thought was both funny and frightening.

Monday 2 February 2009

Snowfall snags

We awoke to pretty snow scenes which we admired while drinking our hot coffee, and keeping warm indoors. Apparently this was the worst snowfall we have had for eighteen years.

Salty (or Mr. Wonderful, as he prefers,) spent breakfast with us.

A little later Maheena's children called round to say that a car had skidded and slipped into ours. Luckily they had taken down the car number, and a description of the car and man who had been driving it. I went out and took a picture of the skid marks, and luckily the car was not damaged badly. I think the children have a future as detectives. They had been making a snow penguin by their front door when this happened.

We spent ages making a report for the police and insurance company, but of course they were inundated with all manner of snow related accidents. We had about 8" ( 20cms ) of snow, but in some parts of London they had 2o" (51cms).

The airports, tube trains, overland trains, buses and schools were closed, and few people made it into work, and there were tailbacks on the roads which were incredible. I remember in the 1960s there was much more severe weather, and snow was on the ground for three months in London, but people carried on as usual. Perhaps we had less imagination then.

Sunday 1 February 2009

Foxy cold weather

Saturday and Sunday were bitterly cold, but Mas still went into the garden sawing up bits of trees, and I went for a walk one of the days. Mas was watching Battlestar Gallactica and some Dead or Alives when resting and getting warm again.

I did some knitting (when Salty was asleep) and made some banana bread. Salty now likes this as much as rock cakes. We had been having a few snow showers, but during the evening the snow began in ernest. Looking out of the window at about 3.30am everything was white and bright, and I saw a fox streak across Glen's garden, get onto the fence and run quickly along the top of it. I did not mention this to Mas as he is worried that a fox may attack Salty when he is in the garden.