Friday, 20 February 2009

Body maintenance and flowers for the cat

Mas went off to physiotherapy yesterday, and when he came back we went off and had lunch at Stanmore. I spoke to Pete, and Florence called too.

I am unpicking a mohair sweater that I crotcheted and always looked stupid, and Salty has taken bits of wool all over the house, he has also started stashing his favourite toys in secret places; it makes them seem as if they have a life of their own as they travel round the house several times a day.

Today was my turn, and I went off to the dental hygienist. We seem to spend so much time on body maintenance. Margaret invited us for lunch on Monday, and I phoned Manu. My computer is still playing up; eventually it will have to be properly fixed. I find I am listening to the radio a lot, and can't be bothered with TV.

Mas finished the entrance to the cat door!


Peter Kenny said...

That is like a palace!

Anonymous said...

what an inviting cat door! I hope you don't get any unwanted furry visitors.