Thursday, 26 February 2009

Anthroposophy near Euston

Today I did my usual chores, and around 3.00pm I set off for Euston, which looked much the same as when I worked there about 15 years ago, and so it seemed strange walking along Euston Road to keep my appointment with the Anthroposophic doctor.

The clinic was very nice, and the doctor's office was calm and peaceful. I related my medical history, no doubt also revealing my personality and opinions. The doctor who was very nice prescribed some homeopathic medicines and also ordered the Iscador (mistletoe) injections. On my next appointment he will show me how to inject them into my abdomen, and said I would need to be brave! I left feeling rather confident.

I think I have overdone the Exercycle a bit as one of my knees is painful, not to walk, but to go downstairs. Pete phoned in the evening.

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