Sunday 30 November 2008

Thank goodness for Thanksgiving

Pete, Lorraine, Mas and I went off for breakfast to the Man in the Moon before returning home and Mas preparing the Thanksgiving meal. Tania and Robert arrived as planned, but sadly Diane was not feeling well enough to come over as usual.

Lorraine gave me a bunch of Freesias which I really like, but had not arranged very well, so Tania did a pretty arrangement of them for me, and she also bought a bouquet of flowers, some from her garden.

We had arranged to have an early meal so that it would not make it too late for the journeys home afterwards, and it was Robert's busy weekend as he publishes and puts together a financial journal fortnightly.

We had a really nice meal, and sat about talking for a while. Robert took Pete and Lorraine off to Mill Hill station so they could catch the train back to Brighton before it got too late. Unusually everyone seemed rather tired, not just me, and when everyone left Mas and I had an emergency rest, the kitten coming for the rest as well, before clearing up and relaxing.

Saturday 29 November 2008

Boewolf and Mexican meal

I spent the next few days feeling tired, but on Friday I managed to pull myself together, and we went off to get shopping and had lunch out then spent a little time clearing up the house which had become filled with cat toys and shredded pieces of paper. In the evening we watched Boewolf , but neither of us liked the animation that was used very much.

On Saturday we were expecting Pete and Lorraine, so I scrubbed and polished the kitten and got him standing to attention. Unfortunately Lorraine lost her case en route, so Mas took Pete and Lorraine to get a few replacements. Afterwards Mas made a huge Mexican meal which we enjoyed.

In the evening we watched a few Frasiers before going off to bed.

Tuesday 25 November 2008

Hospital care and car care

Mas had a hospital appointment today for a checkup, and I began to feel rather ill, so phoned the hospital and was told not to take any more of the pills that I had been prescribed, and to call them the next morning at 9.00am. Later Mas took the car off to the local garage as prearranged, and we watched some Frasiers on TV.

Today I went off to hospital, had an abdominal x-ray and blood test, and was told I may not be able to continue with the course of treatment as I am reacting to it quite severely. I will go back next week for another review.

In the meantime , although it was a really cold day, Mas had been clearing up leaves again in the garden while he waited for the garage to call. When I returned home the cat and I had a rest together, then Florence called and we talked for a long time. Mas finally went to pick up the car, and was pleased as they had done quite extensive work for a reasonable price.

Sunday 23 November 2008

Continuing car problems and cat's prayer

We phoned friends to see if anyone knew of a mechanic who made home visits to fix cars, and several of them tried to help, but we found ourselves waiting all day.

I found this charming 'Cat's Prayer'

The next day Mas and I managed to drive to Stanmore, and reached it as the car began to boil again. We had a quick lunch and bought some shopping as snow was forecast for the next day; it was certainly cold enough. Later Mas managed to get the car to the nearest garage and the mechanic said it could be one of several faults and to bring it in on Tuesday. In the meantime Mas tried to find out what the problem was with the help of Satish, and this carried on through the next day with Mas doing bouts of leaf clearing from the garden (the expected snow did not arrive, but it was fearfully cold).

On Sunday we awoke to a thin covering of snow, which surprised the cat more than somewhat.
Toby phoned and chatted for a while, and later Pete phoned too, but we were interrupted at one point by the cat stepping on my phone and cutting Pete off! In the evening we watched some funny Frasiers.

Wednesday 19 November 2008

Devil cat and cantankerous car

Wednesday, the day we had to take Salty for his flu shot at the vets.....before we set off I wrapped Salty in a towel, and buttoned him into my coat as before, but we took a cardboard box to put him in in case there were large dogs in the waiting room at the vets.

We set off, and the kitten went rigid and pushed away from me, and began to get free, just as we were going through an awkward cross road. When we could, we stopped and stuffed the kitten into the cardboard box which he resisted with all his might, this of course did not stop him and he had soon forced the seams in the box apart, and was pushing his daemon mask full of barred teeth out of the box together with all the clawey bits. Luckily I had a thick jacket on and managed to put my arms across the holes, and then Salty decided to try and shred all the bits he could reach.

It was at this point that the car began to make a strange noise, and we soon realised that it was boiling, and the windows steamed up. And as quickly as we could we pulled into a car park, and turned the engine off, hoping we had done this before there was more damage to the car.

We went into the Vets, and Salty looked as if butter wouldn't melt in his mouth when he was let out of the box. He had his flu shot and a leukaemia shot too and was given a worm pill. The kind Vet lent us a cage to take him home in which was lucky as we had to walk to the car. The Vet also gave us some water and anti freeze. Walking past the shoppers one man asked us if we wanted our kitten, otherwise he did!

Mas attended to the car, and we set off with the cat meowing like a tap dripping; we did not get far before the car was dangerously overheating again, and we had to pull into a petrol station and put more water into the radiator, this now made four bottles of Evian water! We managed to get home just as the car began boiling again! We were so relieved to make it home after all this!

Tuesday 18 November 2008

Return of the Pink Panther and snow scenes

Although it was a cold day Mas did some more garden work. I spoke to Pete. I am feeling increasingly tired and did not do too much except the essential housework and playing with Salty. In the evening we watched The Return of the Pink Panther which still makes us laugh.

Mas visited the doctor about his recent blood tests, and is also being referred for physiotherapy as he is still having a problem with his arm. We watched an episode of New Tricks in the evening. Joan sent these snowy pictures, the apples shown are really decorative, but even the donkeys will not eat them. More snow has been forecast!

Sunday 16 November 2008

TV Fest and snow squall

On Sunday we watched a re run of 'Allo 'Allo and in the evening an episode of Heartbeat. Mas watched Spooks which I do not like; I feel I have been involved in enough torturing already this year without looking for more on TV.

Joan sent this picture after a snow squall.

Saturday 15 November 2008

Kibbles for a Salty Katz

Friday the 14th, a sunny morning so Mas went out and cleared some of the leaves from the garden. The good news is that the kitten is eating kibbles, his special dry food for kittens. He has finally got a name now which is Salty Katz!

On Saturday, while having breakfast we had a surprise delivery of Narcissi from Diane which were sent from the Scilly Isles, and Salty really enjoyed the box they were sent in, biting it and dragging his toys into it. Florence phoned and we had a cheery long talk.

Early evening we watched Merlin which is quite colourful and entertaining. Later we saw a n episode of a new series called Outnumbered where two parents are outwitted by their children's naive logic, but we did not think much of it.

Thursday 13 November 2008

Maheena and mouse shopping

Maheena called round to see us. We chatted sitting round the dining room table drinking tea and eating biscuits, catching up on various recent dramatic events, when the kitten, who had been playing, crept under the table and ran up Maheena's legs which caused Maheena to jump and bang both hands on the table which also startled the kitten...both were rather cautious after this.
After this we started talking about the strange people we knew, and some of the things we had done once in Paris which was making Maheena laugh so much she said her jaw ached.

Later we drove over to Boreham Wood to get essential shopping for the kitten, including a mouse toy for you know who! Once he got used to it he loved it.

Wednesday 12 November 2008

Fashion victim in St.Albans

Mas and I went off to St.Albans to have lunch at the Thai restaurant with Tania and Robert, and later pick up some fruit and vegetables. Apparently in Thailand white cats with dark tails are lucky cats, we could do with some of that!
This little dog attracted attention wherever he went!
When we got home again we found our nameless kitten had been asleep in his bed while we were gone.

Tuesday 11 November 2008

hospital visit and head sitting

Today I had to go to hospital and had the usual blood test. As I had to wait for an hour till it was time for my appointment I left the hospital and walked down to Southend Green, and then to the pond.

When I saw the doctor she said that they were going to discontinue the drip medication now, as my blood was not recovering quickly enough, she did say that the chances that I would make a complete recovery were very good. I still have to take two weeks of pills, then go for another blood test. At this rate I should be finished with medication by the 24th of December.

Picture sent by Joan from Ontario

I took the train back after collecting the pills from the pharmacy, but felt really tired by the time I got home and had to have a rest, and the kitten came too, but had to be persuaded from sitting on my head!

Sunday 9 November 2008

Remembrance Sunday and recovering kitten

Today is Remembrance Sunday which always makes me think of my grandfather who fought in the trenches.

Toby phoned, having had a relaxing weekend with Joan and Dick, but Romy had to go to work for a few hours, despite recovering from a stomach bug.

Mas and I had an uneventful weekend, but the kitten with no name began to feel much better and spent lots of time playing with home made toys, and in between, having long cat naps and washing sessions.

Saturday 8 November 2008

Joan sent me some fingerless gloves which she had knitted for me from special wool from Nova Scotia in a packet with small cats stuck around the address. They are very soft and warm, and the colour of purple storm clouds, also she included the pattern which I will try later; it will make a nice change from knitting socks! They are particularly useful because if my hands get cool at the moment they get weird pins and needles sensations which is a side effect of the medication, and I feel as if I am wearing rubber gloves all the time.

Joan also emailed me knitting patterns for leg warmers as I had told her I have been making some out of old sweaters simply by cutting the arms off and to use them. I am thinking of threatened power cuts later on when the weather gets really cold.

The rest of the week passed in a haze of tiredness and looking after the kitten who has to be watched as he has not always been using his litter tray. Glen and Barry called round to meet the kitten, and on cue he ran up Glen's legs and made himself at home and looked very winsome indeed. They will be happy to look after him if we go away at all.

Friends and family all kept in touch which was nice. One evening we watched Amelie with Audrey Tautou which we enjoyed as much as the first time we saw it.

Monday 3 November 2008

Kitten coddling

Today I buttoned the kitten inside my jacket and we went to Boreham Wood, to the vets, where he was examined. We were given some kaolin based pasty medicine to syringe into his mouth. Needless to say the kitten did not enjoy this, but got over it quickly. We were told to give it white fish or chicken until his stomach settled, and there was no problem with persuading him to eat this!

The whole house filled with the aromatic scent of fish, and we found we seemed to spend all day looking after the kitten who still wanted to be held all the time; and I was remembering the saying be careful what it is that you wish for!

Sunday 2 November 2008

Rescuing a kitten from the rescue centre

Yesterday we went off to Boreham Wood and bought a cat bed for the cat we do not have yet, but today we had an appointment to visit a cat rescue centre in Watford. We borrowed a pet carrier from a neighbour and eventually found the right address.

We wanted a tabby kitten,but the kitten chose us, and after signing all the papers and paying the 'contribution' of £75.00 we went home. The kitten settled in happily, but would not eat any of the food we had got for it. We discovered that it had diarrhoea, and we phoned to make an appointment with the vet. The kitten was purring all the time it was being held, but wanted to be carried all the time. When we wanted to go to bed I put a hot water bottle in his bed, and he settled into it purring, and slept till it was morning.