Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Hospital care and car care

Mas had a hospital appointment today for a checkup, and I began to feel rather ill, so phoned the hospital and was told not to take any more of the pills that I had been prescribed, and to call them the next morning at 9.00am. Later Mas took the car off to the local garage as prearranged, and we watched some Frasiers on TV.

Today I went off to hospital, had an abdominal x-ray and blood test, and was told I may not be able to continue with the course of treatment as I am reacting to it quite severely. I will go back next week for another review.

In the meantime , although it was a really cold day, Mas had been clearing up leaves again in the garden while he waited for the garage to call. When I returned home the cat and I had a rest together, then Florence called and we talked for a long time. Mas finally went to pick up the car, and was pleased as they had done quite extensive work for a reasonable price.

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