Sunday, 23 November 2008

Continuing car problems and cat's prayer

We phoned friends to see if anyone knew of a mechanic who made home visits to fix cars, and several of them tried to help, but we found ourselves waiting all day.

I found this charming 'Cat's Prayer'

The next day Mas and I managed to drive to Stanmore, and reached it as the car began to boil again. We had a quick lunch and bought some shopping as snow was forecast for the next day; it was certainly cold enough. Later Mas managed to get the car to the nearest garage and the mechanic said it could be one of several faults and to bring it in on Tuesday. In the meantime Mas tried to find out what the problem was with the help of Satish, and this carried on through the next day with Mas doing bouts of leaf clearing from the garden (the expected snow did not arrive, but it was fearfully cold).

On Sunday we awoke to a thin covering of snow, which surprised the cat more than somewhat.
Toby phoned and chatted for a while, and later Pete phoned too, but we were interrupted at one point by the cat stepping on my phone and cutting Pete off! In the evening we watched some funny Frasiers.

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