Sunday, 30 November 2008

Thank goodness for Thanksgiving

Pete, Lorraine, Mas and I went off for breakfast to the Man in the Moon before returning home and Mas preparing the Thanksgiving meal. Tania and Robert arrived as planned, but sadly Diane was not feeling well enough to come over as usual.

Lorraine gave me a bunch of Freesias which I really like, but had not arranged very well, so Tania did a pretty arrangement of them for me, and she also bought a bouquet of flowers, some from her garden.

We had arranged to have an early meal so that it would not make it too late for the journeys home afterwards, and it was Robert's busy weekend as he publishes and puts together a financial journal fortnightly.

We had a really nice meal, and sat about talking for a while. Robert took Pete and Lorraine off to Mill Hill station so they could catch the train back to Brighton before it got too late. Unusually everyone seemed rather tired, not just me, and when everyone left Mas and I had an emergency rest, the kitten coming for the rest as well, before clearing up and relaxing.

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