Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Devil cat and cantankerous car

Wednesday, the day we had to take Salty for his flu shot at the vets.....before we set off I wrapped Salty in a towel, and buttoned him into my coat as before, but we took a cardboard box to put him in in case there were large dogs in the waiting room at the vets.

We set off, and the kitten went rigid and pushed away from me, and began to get free, just as we were going through an awkward cross road. When we could, we stopped and stuffed the kitten into the cardboard box which he resisted with all his might, this of course did not stop him and he had soon forced the seams in the box apart, and was pushing his daemon mask full of barred teeth out of the box together with all the clawey bits. Luckily I had a thick jacket on and managed to put my arms across the holes, and then Salty decided to try and shred all the bits he could reach.

It was at this point that the car began to make a strange noise, and we soon realised that it was boiling, and the windows steamed up. And as quickly as we could we pulled into a car park, and turned the engine off, hoping we had done this before there was more damage to the car.

We went into the Vets, and Salty looked as if butter wouldn't melt in his mouth when he was let out of the box. He had his flu shot and a leukaemia shot too and was given a worm pill. The kind Vet lent us a cage to take him home in which was lucky as we had to walk to the car. The Vet also gave us some water and anti freeze. Walking past the shoppers one man asked us if we wanted our kitten, otherwise he did!

Mas attended to the car, and we set off with the cat meowing like a tap dripping; we did not get far before the car was dangerously overheating again, and we had to pull into a petrol station and put more water into the radiator, this now made four bottles of Evian water! We managed to get home just as the car began boiling again! We were so relieved to make it home after all this!

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