Tuesday, 11 November 2008

hospital visit and head sitting

Today I had to go to hospital and had the usual blood test. As I had to wait for an hour till it was time for my appointment I left the hospital and walked down to Southend Green, and then to the pond.

When I saw the doctor she said that they were going to discontinue the drip medication now, as my blood was not recovering quickly enough, she did say that the chances that I would make a complete recovery were very good. I still have to take two weeks of pills, then go for another blood test. At this rate I should be finished with medication by the 24th of December.

Picture sent by Joan from Ontario

I took the train back after collecting the pills from the pharmacy, but felt really tired by the time I got home and had to have a rest, and the kitten came too, but had to be persuaded from sitting on my head!

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