Friday, 10 April 2009

Cat anxiety and wet weather

Yesterday Salty was not home when we got up; usually he is waiting on the shed roof or sleeping till we get up. There was no sign of him, and we were beginning to imagine all the things that could have happened. He eventually limped home around 11am. We looked at his back leg carefully; it was properly mobile, and not too painful so we thought he must have strained it. He spent most of the day sleeping as usual, and he was not limping so much when he woke up.

I spoke to Pete today, and finished the book Betty had given me. In the evening we watched the X-Files which seem to be on every day now, and something called The Mentalist which seems rather pathetic even though it is supposed to be a big hit.

Today thank goodness Salty was on the shed roof when we woke up, sitting in the rain. His leg is much better now. We had a peaceful but uneventful day today as typically, brcause it was a holiday, the weather remained dreary all day.

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