Saturday, 4 April 2009

Self medication, masterful Myk and more music

On Saturday I had to give myself one of the mistletoe injections which went well, but when I had done it I stuck the needle into my hand by mistake which bled and was a bit painful. I was supposed to rest for an hour afterwards, so Salty and I read in bed for an hour, but as the story was a bit complicated for him he fell asleep.

Myk Tucker called round for signatures on a petition to stop huge trucks using our road as a shortcut when they have an alternative route. Myk in my opinion deserves a medal as he is constantly trying to protect our neighbourhood and environment and is tireless in his efforts.

Later I walked off to the library; by mistake I had returned the CD case to them, but had not returned the CD, the library people were very kind and, as I think I was looking a bit vague, they did not fine me. I took out two more music CDs and a book about alternative therapies on trial, then walked round the Broadwalk shopping centre before going home. Mas had spent all day trying to get his computer to work properly and fixing our garden swing.

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