Monday, 6 April 2009

Gardening but not with Culpeper

On Sunday morning Glen called round and chatted for a few hours; she recently had a new granddaughter who was born after three false starts, but both mother and baby are doing well.

In the afternoon I planted out some petunias and lobelias into the window boxes and hanging baskets, and moved a fushia plant. It was so nice being able to do some gardening again in warm sunny weather. Mas got some wood from a DIY shop to fix the garden swing, and I washed the whole thing down.

On Monday we had another day of fine weather, so Mas fixed the garden swing and we drank tea in the garden for the first time this year, while being watched approvingly by Salty.

Later I had an expected call from a research hospital, answered various questions, and was told that in about six months I would know if my illness was hereditary or not.
In the evening we watched a programme about Nicholas Culpeper which was more political than herbal which was a shame.

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