Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Shoplifting shindigs

Today Maheena called round just after 9.00am so that we could work out a strategy for our planned Saturday get together with friends. We also had quite a few things to laugh about at the same time, so it was fun.

I kept phoning the hospital without being able to speak to anyone! I then took my medication and rested for an hour, reading, and eventually we went off to get shopping in the afternoon. While we were in the store, which was almost deserted, a shoplifter was spotted who ran off, but he was caught by the staff and pinned down until the police arrived. Real life drama!

Pete phoned in the evening, and I mentioned my good idea of making plectrums for the guitar out of credit cards, but he said people often did this! Later we watched the X-files, carefully not drinking wine, then a Poirot.

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