Friday, 1 May 2009

CT scan and swimming

On Thursday I had to go to the Royal Free Hospital for a CT scan. While waiting I sat next to a very interesting man who had, at some time, been fitted with a pacemaker which had made all the difference to his life. I had bought my library book to read, but we were so busy talking I did not even open it. It is odd how strangers can talk about details of their lives that would not even be shared by best friends.

When I got home our local paper had been delivered, and I saw that my hero Myk Tucker had won yet again! The construction company that has been using our quiet local roads to drive their giant trucks through will now use the right roads, keeping to the the original agreement with the council. Another triumph for Myk!

I walked to the library quickly to return my books and to get a teach yourself guitar playing book. Today we went swimming for the first time this year. The pool was almost empty, and the water very cold, but we felt much invigorated by the swim. Previously we had got some shopping in for the get together tomorrow, and I did an emergency house clean and tidy up indoors and in the garden.

We are expecting nine adults and four children to come to us tomorrow afternoon, so Maheena and Mas have been planning what food to prepare.

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