Saturday, 2 May 2009

Garden party

Today we rushed around in the morning, me tidying up, and Mas making final preparations to the food. Satish bought plastic plates, napkins and food round that Maheena had made. In short order around 3.00pm there were eleven adults and four children present, and all in our small kitchen at once which was very confusing for Mas. We managed to shepherd them into our sitting room and conservatory and finally into the garden where they settled; the weather was warm and sunny for a change.

Everyone had drinks and food and seemed very cheerful, with lots of joking going on; a lot at Manu's expense. Mas and I were busy trying to make sure everyone had the things they needed and also to talk to everyone. The children were trying to play with Salty, but he was being a bit wary. I did call him over so that Radovan could stroke him for a moment. I had my camera, but did not have time to take pictures.

People began leaving as twilight came; I had to almost arm wrestle a few people to stop them helping with the clear up. When the final person left we were happy that things had gone well, and that we had the chance to do it. It is remarkable how many friends we have that resulted from taking classes locally; sadly these classes are no longer available for us.

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