Sunday, 17 May 2009

Good news from Tania, and last meal for doomed cat

Yesterday I walked to Stanmore for the exercise, and picked up a small amount of shopping before going home, and painting more of the shed.

Tania sent me some special gloves in the hope that I could wear them when trying to play the guitar, so not cutting my fingertips. She also enclosed a card she had made, using a photo she had taken when we were on holiday in Madeira; this bought back a lot of nice memories.

I phoned Tania later, and found out that she has got the job that she applied for some time ago, and is very pleased, and will start her induction next Monday.

Today Salty began taking his antibiotics. He has had them before and loves them. He begs for them and purrs while eating them. He is feeling better now, and is more lively.

I did more painting in the shed which also involves sorting things out and tidying up, and deciding if anything should be thrown away, or recycled. I watched a funny episode of Last of the Summer Wine in the evening. Salty had his last meal at 8.00pm, and we kept him indoors all night as we had to make an early start to go to the vets in the morning.

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