Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Colour conundrums and chords

Yesterday we drove off to Watford Arches, to B&Q, to buy some more paint, namely the same colour we had painted the hall. We got this paint made up, then went to Curry's to look at fridges as ours has been leaking for some time. Mas having previously researched what we needed, we bought it with the promise that it would be delivered tomorrow.

Once home I painted the cupboards again as it has now become a habit. The paint was not the same as the hall colour!

Today the fridge was delivered by a cheery couple of men, and we installed it. I mixed a different paint colour and painted the cupboards again ( it has now become a daily addiction).
This time the colour is perfect! Mas got shopping and we watched another nutty episode of the X Files.

You may wonder how my guitar playing is coming along. I have reached the stage where I can play a chord, then have a cup of tea and work out where to place my fingers for the next one. There is definitely improvement!

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