Saturday, 27 June 2009

House cleaning and air clearing

I was woken yesterday morning by what sounded like hailstones bouncing against the window but what turned out to be lots of sparrows pecking on the bedroom window sill.
We spent all day shampooing carpets throughout the house as we had hired a cleaning machine, and then spent time tidying up again. Luckily the weather was so hot they all dried very quickly. After we had finished Manu called and chatted, and I talked to Florence and Diane.

Today as it is Saturday we went to St. Albans to shop at the market. Tania and Robert could not meet us for lunch, so for a change we went to The Peahen pub for a snack, but it was not as nice as the places we usually eat in. There was music and a large crowd in front of the Clock Tower as there were various groups in costume doing Morris dancing.

When we arrived home there was a prolonged thunder storm which cleared the air a bit as it has been so hot and humid lately.