Monday, 1 June 2009

Short Haired Bumble Bee and Best Dressed Lady

Last night I heard that the Short Haired Bumble Bee (Bombus Subterraneous) is being reintroduced to England, back to Kent. It was taken to New Zealand to help with the pollination of red clover, which was used as cattle fodder, more than 100 years ago. This bee lives underground, as its name suggests, and has a usefully long tongue, and looks as if it has just had a sharp haircut. It has been extinct here since 1988; let us hope it will survive.

We went shopping, and did lots of gardening today, and in the evening watched The Contract, with Morgan Freeman and John Cusak which was entertaining.

Poppy laughingly told us that when in Guernsey she was recently voted the best dressed lady at the races, and was on the front page of The Guernsey Press paper, and won a bottle of champagne.

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