Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Ginger Beer saves the day.

After a two staged breakfast and lots of chatting we all went off to the Man in the Moon for lunch which was nice, but it was noisy as there were several groups of people being very loud (as Toby said, they were like Orcs). Afterwards Mas went off to work on his computer and Toby and I went off to Hampstead.

Once in Hampstead we went to The Flask to have a ginger beer and ice as the weather was so hot and humid. http://www.theflaskhampstead.co.uk/history.htm We then walked over Parliament Hill Fields, and saw people springing from a diving board into one of the swimming ponds; the water was quite full of people. We stopped to watch a fierce looking dog playing gently and protectively with a baby. We walked through Kenwood and eventually came out on the Spaniard's Road.
We were walking along, but noticed a bus stop told us we were headed for Golders Green, so tuned round and walked back until we got to the Gate and someone confirmed we were walking the wrong way. All I can say is that the bus must be traveling to the right to get to the left! This must have added another couple of miles to our walk.
Once in Hampstead we had to have another ginger beer before returning to Edgware.

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