Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Stormy weather on Toby's birthday

Today is Toby’s birthday, and I managed to send him an e card before the computer began to be disobedient. Mas had gone out to meet a friend while I finished painting the bathroom, I got a headache and took some aspirin which I don’t usually. Later I lay down and watched the storm as the lightening began to flicker in the distance, gradually drawing closer. Strangely there was not much thunder with it, and I thought I saw one fork of lightening come from the earth and go upwards into the clouds, but I suppose my eyes were playing tricks.

Pete called from Guernsey and made me laugh with his attempts to get me some cosmetic cream that I had asked him to get for me. In the evening I tried to email Betty, but after four attempts, with the computer randomly checking it’s files and scanning everything and repeatedly switching itself off after a series of loud clicks I got so hot and annoyed I had to go off and eat ice cream for a while. Eventually I managed to send off the email to Betty.

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