Friday, 12 June 2009

Bruised but not beaten

I finished painting the cupboards, and we went swimming in the afternoon. I am beginning to wonder if gravity is suddenly getting stronger, or maybe I have been watching too many X Files, but this time a full bottle of shampoo fell onto my foot in the showers. Strangely my toe got a more spectacular bruise than when the sledgehammer fell on my other foot.

I sorted out some old photographs and Mas scanned them and sent them to Pete. It is sad looking at past photos, as so many of the people in them are no longer alive.

Today I had another hospital appointment, and the doctor formally told me that all recent tests were clear, and that I did not have to have another scan for six months.
On the way home I called into the library and took some books out. In the evening we watched a NCIS

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