Friday, 5 June 2009

Anthroposophy before voting

This morning at breakfast I sneezed, almost fatally startling Mas, and causing me much mirth.

I had to go down to Euston today as I had an appointment to see my Anthroposophic doctor. I was surprised to see that hundreds of special bicycle racks have been installed by the station which seems a good idea. I saw my doctor and was prescribed more Iscador injections.

Walking back through Euston I was presented with a lime in connection with a drinks advertisement. I picked up a bit of shopping on the way home. Later I popped out to vote in the church hall just up the road, and ran into Myk and Maria and friends I had not seen for a long time. Maria was being very funny in a conversation about Madonna.

Mas and I watched the X Files whose plots seem to be getting more absurd by the day.

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