Saturday 3 July 2010

A relaxing day

This morning we decided to go off to the real Elstree car boot sale.

Once there, we looked at as much as we could, before getting too thirsty as it was so hot. I managed to buy a tray of herbs to plant later. Leaving there, we drove to Letchmore Heath and went to the Three Horseshoes for a long cold drink.

It was very pleasant and cool in the bar, and the landlady played a tape that she loves of Spanish guitar music, which we liked too. It is a very friendly place, and before long everyone was talking to each other. Mas visibly relaxed which I have not seen him do for a while, and we had lunch there. The last time I had visited this pub was with Jana when she was on holiday. The landlady's dog Angel was keeping cool in the pub too, and when we left we spent a few moments looking in the duck pond.

In the evening we watched 'Tell No One', a French film with Fran├žois Cluzet as lead, a thriller
which was excellent, and kept us guessing to the end. It had more twists and turns than the zig-zags on a dragon's tail, and we found ourselves talking about it the day after too.

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