Tuesday 6 July 2010

BBC Guernsey radio: Jenny Kendall-Tobias

Today I listened to the Jenny Kendall-Tobias, BBC Guernsey radio, programme. She talked on air to Pete and Richard for two hours, and the whole session was very interesting and it sounded as if they were all getting on well together, and enjoying it too. Pete and Richard could not have had better publicity for their book. Pete mentioned I was listening, and said hello, and so did Jenny! Someone phoned in and requested that Pete read one of his poems that is in the book, so he did.

My hip is better today, so I did some gardening; I jumped when I heard a huge crash in the peaceful garden, guess who's fault it was! Salty had knocked some empty plastic flower troughs off the shed roof!

Pete called me from the airport while he was waiting for his flight back to the UK; he was very happy with the events of the last few days.

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