Thursday 8 July 2010

At the Jolly Badger Harvester

Yesterday I went off to the library, and, after walking for a while, went home and caught up with emails.
Tania and Robert drove down to us, and we went off to the Jolly Badger Harvester for dinner. While we waited for a table we had a drink, then very soon a nice meal in the attractive farmhouse style surroundings.

Afterwards Tania and Robert came back to our place, and while Robert and Mas talked, Tania and I went into the garden and looked at plants. Tania really loves my Salvia ( Hot Lips), and took some to make cuttings. Later she will give me some of her Fennel. I love the taste of it chopped up, and sprinkled on new potatoes with butter.....another slimming snack!

We all talked until we were ready to drop, then Tania and Robert went home, and we went to bed.

Today I woke at 5.00am, feeling very tired, but not able to go back to sleep. Mas left to meet up with David for lunch, and I hung about all day, and watched Murder she Wrote. I noticed that we seem to be in the flight path of some small damsel flies, and I have to rescue them when they get trapped in the conservatory. I also saw some rose leaf eating caterpillars which had skeletonized some of the leaves.

We went to bed early, and I found I still could not relax; later I discovered that I had taken a double dose of my medication which had wound up my metabolism.

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