Sunday 18 July 2010

Life as usual.

Mas was due to meet David at lunchtime, and as he was a bit late I drove him over to his meeting. Later I walked to the Two Jays secondhand bookshop to see if they had any Deepak Chopra books, but ended up buying one by Alan Coren called Toujours Cricklewood, which later made me laugh aloud when reading it.

I then walked on to Queensbury and walked around a Morrisons superstore to see what they had. Taking the bus back to Edgware I sat next to a young woman who had a huge scar down the front of her chest which looked as if she must have had heart surgery.

Poppy and Ben called in briefly.

Friday morning I spent doing despicable things like renewing the car's road tax for next year, the car breakdown cover and car insurance. It is amazing how much you can spend sitting in front of a computer.

Mas and I went off to the Mill Hill Garden centre, and bought some sacks of top soil for the garden. It appears that all the plants cost twice as much as they did last time we visited.
After loading up the boot we headed off to the swimming pool.

Over the weekend things continued as usual, but I did plant my strawberries in a strawberry pot, and Toby phone while I was doing this, and we chatted.

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