Wednesday 21 July 2010

Fruitless shopping and hospital check up.

Mas needs some new cloths, so we drove off to Watford, and before we started looking had lunch at Yummies; the Chinese owner always recognises us even if we have not visited for a couple of years! We walked around the Harlequin shopping centre, but Mas could not find anything he liked, so we returned home.

Tuesday, and I did some more gardening, and began fasting for my hospital visit tomorrow. We watched Murder She Wrote in the afternoon for a break.

On Wednesday Mas took me down to the station, and I went off to the Royal Free hospital for my 1.30pm appointment still starving, but worse I was not allowed to drink anything and it was a really hot day. I had my sedation and investigation and was told afterwards that everything was fine and clear. Mas was coming to pick me up in case I was a bit wobbly from the anaesthetic, but he was a bit late as I had not told him the department was called Endoscopy, and he had been searching the hospital for me. We left after I had some tea and biscuits.

As I was no longer sedated, we walked to the station and squeezed into a crowded lift. By mistake Mas pressed the wrong button, and the alarm went off, and we all had to get out and wait for the next lift. If he had not been feeling so anxious it would have been funny.

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