Friday 30 July 2010

Computer madness and a blackberry escape

Today I spent most of the day gardening, and dug up a large patch of pampas grass which was home to a thousand snails. Later I went round to Margaret and John's as I had borrowed instructions on how to set a timer on the lights from them. We had all been given one by the local police as we have been having so many burglaries in our area.

On Thursday Mas went into London for a meeting. The computers were refusing to work all day, so I did more gardening. At this rate we will soon have an excellently tidy garden, and various neighbours will be provided with potted up cuttings. I also did some shopping, and later chatted to the boy next door who is to have another knee operation soon.

On Friday I put another dose of anti flea medication on the back of the cat's neck. I also had an early (for me) appointment with my doctor to try to get an epipen to use in case of allergic reaction to bee stings, while we are in the jungle later on this year, and I don't mean an asphalt jungle! I had to stop keeping bees because of this allergy, which was a shame. These days grants are available to try to encourage people to keep bees.

Mas began calling the AOL help lines at 8.00am today, and was still at it when I left at 2.00pm to go blackberrying with John. I do not know how Mas can do it, just listening to the endless numbing phone calls almost gives me a nervous breakdown.

I got lots of succulent blackberries with John, it was fun, and John was pointing out all the best pickings to me. As we were walking there, he said we should keep our eyes open for dropped money. He immediately found 20p! Afterwards I called in for a cup of tea with Margaret.
Mas and I had fresh blackberries and yogurt later, and I froze the rest for later in the year.

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