Sunday, 2 May 2010

An unusal experience!

Yesterday we went to St. Albans and had lunch at the Waterend Barn with Tania and Robert, and caught up with their news before getting shopping as usual and going home. It is lovely to see the countryside greening up again.

In the evening we watched another excellent episode of Wallander, while we could hear the rain pounding down outside.

Today when we woke up we found the cat asleep on the bed. As soon as he woke up he began meowing and looking under the bed in such a way that we realised he must have bought a mouse upstairs! We took off all the bedclothes and mattress, and Mas began unscrewing the bed as it can be separated into halves.

The cat was overjoyed and purring as he thought we were joining in the game with him.
Elbowing him aside, Mas lifted up half of the bed, and the mouse ran into a corner. I tried to catch him, but he ran up the inside of my trouser leg! I did a quick tap dance, and it came out. We immediately realised it was no mouse, but a rat! I threw a towel over him and caught it where he struggled in a muscular way.

Mas then asked what I was going to do next and I said put it outside. We thought we would put it into a container while considering various options; Mas thought if it went into the garden we may get it back again. Luckily we tried to do this outside, because he wriggled free and escaped!

To add insult to injury the computers would not work, so Mas spent all day trying to sort them out. In the evening we watched a Lewis, and Lost Kingdoms of Africa which was interesting.

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