Saturday, 22 May 2010

Friends, family and birds

This week went by quickly in a frenzy of gardening cutting hedges and doing the lawns, swimming, buying window box flowers and planting them out and talking to neighbours and friends.
Maheena came round on Thursday morning and we caught up with all the news, she always has a sense of humour and we find a lot of small things to laugh about. We walked around the garden, and she saw some Mind your own Business growing all over the place and asked if they needed roots.....I said "yeess" slowly, which made her laugh as she was wondering if they could be propagated from cuttings. She also saw our Salvia, (Hot Lips,) plant, smelled the leaves and said she thought it was the same as a plant that grows in Keroula which is considered sacred, as it has so many medicinal properties. Looking it up later I found that our plant was a relative of Sage and Mint, so it is hardly surprising.

Salty bought two live birds into the house through his cat door, on different days. Luckily I was there to take them from him, one of them looked dead, so I moved his legs and wings which seemed to be undamaged and went to lay him on a bush, and he flew out of my hand and away, and the second bird was quite lively and flew off as soon as I got him outside.

On Saturday we went to Borehamwood to get shopping and look at pet supplies, and thought we would have lunch at our favourite fish and chip restaurant. When we got there it was very busy, and we ended up sitting at a table with another couple. They were very interesting people, and we had a lively time talking of politics, religion, history and all manner of things. They had lived in the village of Elstree for years, both being very socially active in the community. I mentioned that I had been evacuated to Elstree during the war as a toddler, but could not remember which house I had been staying in. They said they would try to find this out for me, and were very keen that we should keep in touch.

We went home and tidied up as Lorraine and Pete were coming to stay overnight as they were going to a party in North London. When they arrived we had a couple of drinks and talked, but not for too long as we were all a bit tired, but it was fun seeing them.

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