Saturday, 29 May 2010

Green rinse folowed by Robin Hood and Wallander

This week I was busy gardening, walking, and socialising with friendly neighbours. Mas and I managed to go swimming twice this week, which is always a good thing.

Before one swim, however, I made a special hair rinse by blending lots of elderberry leaves in some water, and pouring it into an empty milk container. After the swim I washed my hair, then poured the dark green juice onto my head, which felt very good, then I realised I was standing in a dark green pool of water, with dark drips running into my eyes. At this point two other ladies came in for a shower, and looking at me, moved to the furthest corner of the shower room. I think it was at this point I decided perhaps the next treatment should be done at home.

We also went off to the cinema to see Robin Hood, starring Russell Crowe. I was surprised because I had expected the worst, and it did not live down to my expectations, although I think Russell Crowe is rather a wooden actor. Mas did not like it at all, as he thought the story line had been interfered with, and he prefers the swashbuckling variety of Robin Hood. The cinema always plays films so loud I have to put cotton wool in my ears while we are there, otherwise it is painful.

On Saturday we went up to St. Albans and had a nice lunch in the Bua Thai restaurant. Tania picked up her new car yesterday, but someone bumped her while she was stationery! I think it is quite good that we have an old car so an odd dent here and there does not matter so much. Later we were walking through the market and talking; I forget the reason why, but Robert kept breathing on Tania's specs. and steaming up her view, much to Tania's irritation and disbelief that he could be so childish, and sorrow that men never really grow up!

Once home again Mas and I watched another Wallender with Krister Henriksson.

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