Monday, 31 May 2010

Finding Beneficent Law

On Sunday morning we sprang out of bed (or we would have, if our springs had not already sprung), had breakfast, put on tidy cloths, and prepared to go off to the art show in Chelsea. At the last moment, I looked at out tickets again, and realized we were a week ahead of ourselves; the art show is next week! As we had our neat going outdoors cloths on, we decided to go for a pub lunch, so we went off to the Man in the Moon and had a feast.

On the way back we bought some strawberry plants and a black currant bush. Now I have to find a few inches of space to squeeze them into our garden. In the evening we watched another episode of Lewis.

Today I managed to find places for the fruit plants, and it was a pleasure doing this as the weather is so nice.

I had been thinking of making a will recently, and called in to a local solicitors office previously, to find out how much this might cost, and was quoted a price of £500.00 for a simple will. I did not make an appointment as I thought that I could write my own will.

I began researching how to do this on line, looking at various government sites and will writing services. By luck I found . Beneficent Law is a community interest company and a "not for profit, for good" legal service that deals with wills and probate. They have fixed fee charges, and a single will, which they write, costs just £25.00! I had various queries, and got replies to all these and lots of good advice, and service that was kind and efficient. The whole process took about a week, with them telling me what to do at each step of the way. Now it is done I feel very relieved; it had been on my 'to do' list for a long time, and now that it is done I do not have to think about it again. I cannot recommend their service enough, and it is so unusual to deal with such nice people.

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