Sunday, 19 October 2008

Time slippage at 'The Lake House' and helpful friends

On Saturday the weather was fine, so I took some late cuttings and hope they will work. I seemed to spend most of the day doing cooking and housework, and was feeling tired when Margaret called round to bring me lots of quinces that John had gathered as I like to make preserves of them; what a nice surprise!

In the evening we watched an interesting film starring Sandra Bullock called The Lake House, in which the two main characters are living two years apart in time. It was intriguing to see how they would catch up with each other, but talking about it later we thought the original book must have made a smoother ending without leaving so many questions unanswered.

Today I took some more cuttings, and cooked and froze some cooking apples for later use.
Pete phoned and chatted, and later Ben phoned from Guernsey with all the latest news. Luckily it turned out that he and Poppy would lend me their exercise cycle as I mentioned that I was going to buy one later and get super fit.

We watched Heartbeat and A Touch of Frost in the evening.

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