Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Friends and a harmonious picture

Mas took my computer off to see if there was a problem with the hard drive, and I did not seem to have the energy to do very much all day, and that applied to Sunday as well. Christiane phoned, and I made some soup. All pretty uneventful.
On Monday morning Glen called in, and we talked of different places to find a kitten amongst other things. Mas took the computer away again so that it could have a diagnosis of the problems which will probably take a week to sort out. Diane phoned, and Chris emailed giving a very graphic description of his stomach upset.....thanks for sharing that Chris!

On Tuesday we went shopping, and had a late breakfast at The Man in the Moon where Sunil saw me and came over to chat. He went to school with Toby and is a teacher too. It is half term, but he still had to go into school to work, and was having lunch with the headmaster. It was nice to see him again. The weather turned rather cold, and in the evening there was a thunder storm and later it snowed. Joan sent this warm picture of bulbs drying on a mantelpiece, and how the colours blend perfectly with the wallpaper.

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