Thursday, 30 October 2008

Scenic journeys and cat searching

We drove up to St. Albans, the countryside looking beautiful with the recent snowfall, and the autumn colours of the trees highlighted by the sunshine. We met Tania and Robert as usual and went to the Thai restaurant and had a leisurely lunch with lots of chat.
We got our shopping quickly afterwards as it got very cold again, and Mas did not want to drive home from St. Albans in the snow as he had done once before.

On Thursday we went off to The National Animal and Welfare Trust to see if we could get a kitten. When we arrived we were told that we could only have two kittens, despite the fact that we are home most of the time, so we went home again.

After a quick lunch we decided to go to our nearest RSPCA. We headed off towards Shenley and soon found that we were going down narrow country lanes which often ended in a farm. We asked the way several times before we found the place. When we got there we learned that half the cats were quarantined due to cat flu, and that in the healthy group all the kittens were reserved, which meant that someone had reserved them, but that they would have to be visited at home to make sure that the home was suitable. We returned home despondently.

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