Thursday, 9 October 2008

Brighton breakfast and lunch

On Thursday we got up and were all greeted by a purring Calliope. We has a lovely relaxed breakfast with fresh coffee and bread and currant bread too that Pete had just bought from his favourite bakers. Later I washed up our few dishes, but while I did this Calliope ran up the back of my legs and back so that she could sit on my shoulders and watch everything that was going on in the garden too, I kept putting her on the chair,but she ran up to my shoulders five times. At one point she was standing on my head, and I had to be careful that she did not fall into the water. She is very entertaining and funny.

Pete went off briefly to the chiropractor for another session, all useful places seem to be a stone's throw from Pete's house which is really useful. Mas and I packed our stuff up, and we all went to lunch at The Sussex Yeoman pub (just around the corner)where I also managed to get some ginger beer, which is my substitute for red wine for the time being, and a nice lunch. Looking out of the pub window the sunny houses opposite reminded me of Folkestone.

Quite soon afterwards we walked to the station and sadly left Pete at the barrier before going off to London on the train. The view crossing over the Thames was very picturesque in the sunlight, and before too long we were home again. I really enjoyed our Brighton trip and seeing Pete in his sun filled home. I believe Mas wants to get a kitten of our own now as he liked Calliope so much, but we were surprised at how much they cost now. Previously people used to give kittens away and were glad that the cats were going to a good home.

Diane had left a few messages so I phoned her and we bought each other up to date with what has been going on.

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