Sunday, 12 October 2008

Defrosting, dental hygienist and neighbour's story

I spent time on Friday morning defrosting and cleaning the fridge before going off to my dentist to see the hygienist. I took her a box of chocolates as a small 'thank you' for the caring treatment she had given me last time I saw her in May. Mas wondered if it was a good idea taking chocolates, but she said she always has three sugars in her tea and has never had a filling!

Getting home again I felt really tired, and when Manu phoned I did not really feel up to having a social evening with him, so we left it for another day.

On Saturday I defrosted and cleaned the freezer, and afterwards generally lurked around at home taking it easy. In the evening we watched NCIS, and afterwards I listened to music for a while.

On Sunday I phoned Pete to wish him a happy birthday, and then as it was such a bright sunny day I did some gardening, and prepared some pots for cuttings, even though I am rather late in the year for this. Mas and I spent some time in the garden drinking tea and relaxing, it is so peaceful sitting under a canopy of leaves with the sunlight shining through them.

One of my neighbours who had cancer some time ago told me his story. He said when he found out he was ill he had a row with his wife and stormed out of the house and went to the local shopping centre. He looked at the cards, and there were some posters displayed in a rack that could be spun around. He moved them around and where he stopped it with his hand there was a poster displaying the 'Footprints prayer', he went home again after reading it for the first time.

He has a dog, and when out walking in the local woods he saw a branch on a tree that had been broken, and he taped it together; he says he doesn't know why.
When he was in hospital just before his operation a clergyman visited him to tell him there was a chapel in the hospital, and he gave him a card with the hospital plan on it showing directions. When he left, my neighbour turned the card over, and there was the 'Footsteps' prayer again. He took this as a good omen.

When recovering after leaving hospital he walked in the woods with his dog again, and found the branch he had taped up had grown leaves and was still alive. Later in the year he found that the branch had died, but someone had taped the 'Footsteps' prayer onto the branch. After this coincidence he was convinced he would be well again. That happened ten years ago.

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