Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Exercise cycle to quince jelly

Ben and Poppy's tenant across the street bought the exercise cycle for us just after breakfast which was kind of him. Mas and I went off to Boreham Wood and got some shopping, and I bought a cardigan too. We had another fish and chip lunch, and had a quick look in the pet shop where kittens are marked for sale at £75 each on their notice board, and decided to keep waiting for a rescue kitten .

When we got home we had a quick rest, and Monika phoned with her news. She is very busy as Olga is visiting with a friend and staying for ten days. Luckily the children are well. It was really nice to hear from her; Oktay will be going to Paris on business for a few days too.

Mas went off to the Broadwalk to meet some people, and have some coffee. While he was doing this I made some quince jelly, having recycled my jam jars recently the jelly was poured into a variety of odd jars, but it tastes nice. Mas had already done the hard work for me while I was in the hospital; thinking I was going to make quince jelly he prepared it the way we do crab apples, cooking the fruit and straining off the juice, so I did make jelly!

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