Thursday, 2 October 2008

MOT and scan

Today Mas went off at 9a.m. taking the car for a service and the annual MOT, and having left the car at the garage he came back by bus.

I left for an appointment at the hospital to have a CT scan. I took my book with me, The Love Apple Island, as I knew I would have to wait for two hours. It was interesting reminising with the authoress about various shops and tea rooms that have changed hands and no longer exist, and she had worked in times past for the Guernsey Press where some of our relatives had worked too. Once the scan was done, I sped away, and ate my sandwhich in the chilly Heath Strange Garden which is on the original site of what was to become the Royal Free Hospital, before going home.

Mas eventually picked the car up and got home again after 7 p.m. with this year's MOT cetificate and no extra expenses! We had dinner before watching three very funny Frasiers and so to bed.

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