Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Blood test and afternoon tea for three.

On Monday morning I went off to the Royal free Hospital early to have a blood test in the hope that it would speed up my treatment tomorrow. Mas also went off to see our doctor at this time. When we came back Margaret phoned to invite us round for tea in the afternoon. Mas could not go, but I went round and briefly talked to Maheena who was just leaving their house.

Margaret, John and I talked at length, generally putting the world to rights. When I left, John gave me a bag of his home grown cooking apples and some chillies, which Mas will appreciate, and some Cosmos seeds.

Bright and early on Tuesday I sped off to the hospital in the train again. Sadly my blood test showed that the platelets were too low, so the treatment was put off for a week when I will have another blood test. Pete phoned with good news and Mas had also fixed the TV set up while I was out. We watched The Sender, but both thought little of this film.

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