Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Pete off to Crete and my hospital treatment delayed

We all had breakfast together, and Pete left to go back to Brighton, and Toby went into London to see an exhibition. Mas and I had a relaxed day, and later in the evening we watched 'New Tricks' with Toby.

Early on Tuesday morning I went to hospital to have a blood test, and saw the professor who was charming and reassuring. There was a hold up with the blood analysis, and I got talking to another lady called Judith who was interesting, while we waited together. Unfortunately my blood platelet count was too low, and my treatment was put off till next week, so I phoned Mas and came home at about 5pm , and felt tired after hanging around all day. If I had to have another delay I reasoned that this was a good time for it as I would not feel too tired for the week while Toby is here.

Toby came home having spent the day in London, and we had dinner together and talked about what he had seen and where he had been. Later we watched 'Pie in the Sky'. Pete left for Crete this morning, for a weeks holiday.

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