Sunday, 3 August 2008

Lunch at the Golden Elephant , Wheathampstead

Yesterday Pete arrived from Brighton, and we all set off to go to Wheathampstead for lunch at the Golden Elephant Thai restaurant which is inside a 400 year old former malt house.

We had a nice drive there through the countryside, despite the weather being very dreary, and we had a nice lunch together.

Afterwards we went for a short walk by the river, where some very large fish were spotted, and some fishermen were setting up for a bit of afternoon fishing. We saw rabbits scampering about, and some strange butterflies, but I could not get a close look at one. We did see some ponies, some looking like cartoon ones by Therwell. Then we came home and listened to old records for a while, chatting, and later Mas made a splendid rib dinner ; I think we all ate too much today. Mas also tried to take some photos of us, but we are not very good photographic subjects so I will not show them here! Pete left for Brighton after eight as he has an early appointment tomorrow.

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