Saturday, 23 August 2008

Lunch at The Fishery pub and poking around in Pinner

On Friday we had breakfast, and then lunch with Toby before he went off to town, and Mas and I did our usual things, but took a break in the afternoon and watched 'Diagnosis Murder' with Dick Van Dyke.

On Saturday Mas, Toby and I went off to The Fishery pub beside Elstree Reservoir and had lunch together. Afterwards Mas dropped us off in Pinner, and Toby and I walked around looking at everything; this area has lots of old Tudor buildings.
We walked to the church, but a service was in progress so we walked around the graveyard. We noticed that this man was buried in 1775, aged 118 years. Two surgeons were also buried there in the 1700s, so possibly this was a very healthy place to live in during those times.

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The church hall was displaying a local art exhibition. On the notice board was a statement that the four local churches are working together in harmony, despite being Catholic, Church of England, Methodist and Unitarian.

We had a coffee in the Cafe Rouge, sitting outside on the pavement, and talked for a long time. We then had a quick look in some of the Charity Shops before taking the bus back to Stanmore the scenic way.

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