Saturday, 16 August 2008

Conversations and creativity

On Friday my half brother Peter visited as arranged, and we spent a long time talking and sitting in the conservatory and eating biscuits. Later Mas made an early dinner which we enjoyed before Mas dropped Peter off at the station. Peter lives in London, and we sometimes meet there and walk around the city as he is very familiar with lots of interesting places to see; I am looking forward to doing more walking with him next year.

I got a card from Diane with information about meditation enclosed, and later I phoned her. She is off to Germany for a weeks holiday soon. I began a smallish painting, done in bluish shades and gold. This gave me great satisfaction as I am beginning to feel creative again after spending so much time in never never land!

Today I had a nice email from Betty, and finished my painting. Mas went off and got some shopping, and we had a quiet evening.

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