Sunday, 31 August 2008

Catching up with friends

We had a fairly quiet Saturday doing our usual things. Pete called, and we talked about the skeleton illustration for his book.....later there were cartoons of small dapper skeletons all around me on the floor, I was trying to get the right attitude to match what I know of Skelton Yawngrave! Later I did some washing up , which is something I can do without thinking at all!

On Suday we sprang to attention after a long relaxed breakfast, as Diane was coming for an early lunch. Mason immediately began rewiring the TV and Video so that they no longer sit in a cupboard surrounded by flammable videos which they had for years, but beside the TV(temporarily). Needless to say this took twice the time that he had allowed for it. However Diane arrived on time, lunch a little later, and there was a lot to catch up on as we had not seen her for a long time. The weather remained unsettled, and later as Mas gave her a lift to the station for her journey home the rain began in ernest again.

Later Mex phoned and we got up to date with what has been going on which was very interesting. Unexpectedly Marion called in for several hours which was nice, but by the time she left we were so tired we could only stare at the walls and could hardly drag ourselves off to bed.

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