Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Springy feet in St. Albans, shopping and Sasio's

Today we woke up to a foggy day with temperatures of 3° and feeling chilly. Robert and Tania could not meet us for lunch as Robert seems to be suffering from the same illness Mas had over Christmas.

We went to St. Albans and did a little shopping, and as we walked through the market we saw these springy feet extensions being demonstrated. I have seen them in a TV advert, but did not know that they were available to buy. I would have liked to try them, but in a secluded place, as I am sure I would fall on my head with terrific loss of dignity. Supposedly they are good for toning up muscles.

As usual, click to enlarge.

There is a good art shop in this arcade, and I was looking at fabric paint (thinking of shopping bags). The arcade looked warm and cheerful compared to the grey streets outside.
We snuck in to Sasio's and had a nice lunch, and Mas charmed five extra almond cookies from the friendly waitress to have with the coffee. We left feeling really warm.

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